ACG Fruit farms throughout South Africa. The map below illustrates the regions in which ACG Fruit has a large representation. 

ACG Fruit cultivates about 1250 ha of citrus. This mostly comprises of Navels, Lemons, Valencias, Star Ruby and Marsh  grape fruits with a small percentage of soft citrus.

This product profile, together with the geographical distribution across RSA compliments the keen focus of Suiderland Plase on soft citrus very well. As a result we are able to collectively serve our customers better.

​ACG Fruit further cultivates some 600ha of table grapes in the early to mid-season – mostly in the Northern Cape (Orange River) and Western Cape (Berg River) areas. The table grape production compliments the mid to late-season production of Suiderland Plase. We also cultivate 220ha of raisins, 60ha of wine grapes and 11ha of bananas.

Our Farms

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